Saturday, 3 October 2015

Reward Coupon 奖励彩券

What kind of reward system I use in my lesson? 

I was a teacher that love to gift my students little presents. As I'm a big fans of stationery, I tend to get some cute (kawaiiii) stationery for my students. I give them as a reward, like if they collect a certain amount of stamps or stickers, they could exchange them with the stationery. Or sometimes they could exchange it with some little things that I got from China or back in Malaysia, such as key chain, bookmark...etc.

However, I find out not all students love these, and it could end up with just a waste of money, really.

So one day, two years ago while I was scrolling my wechat moments, and I saw there was a post being shared by my friend. The post was written by 巴别塔. (Please subscribe their wechat page - TheBaBelTower- if you haven't! They have loads of resources up there.) 巴别塔 was sharing a post about "Cooper Coupon". I decided to adapt and apply it in my lesson, because it is just AWESOMEEE! I called it Reward Coupon in my class.

How it works:

  • Teacher will give stamp/sticker to students during lesson, based on their classroom performance, homework, engagement. You could just give them stamp if they answer a question correctly in Mandarin. 
  • Students have their stamps/stickers in their front or back cover of their book.
  • Students could exchange their 10 stamps with a House point or school merit (if there is such thing in your school).
  • It is not necessary for students to exchange their 10 stamps with a house point. They could SAVE it up to 15 or 20 stamps to exchange a reward coupon!


This is originally designed by my colleague, Ying Wen. I edited it after.

The students absolutely love it! Each of my year group have around 10 choices of reward coupons. There are different reward coupons available for different year group. You might ask me why. Okay, let's imagine you show the same coupon "Lunch date with teacher" to the Year 3 and Year 8, hmm..... I can already see my Year 8 showing me the "Noooooooo..." face. (-_____-;;) I did a survey with my students last year, the Year 3 students loved having a lunch date with me. They even chase me up sometimes if I forget to wait them for lunch...

If you interested in knowing the coupons I use my lessons, write me a comment down here. I might introduce them one by one in my next post! ^---^

巴别塔 wechat ID: TheBabelTower

Family 我的家人

↓ Chinese Made Easy for Kids Book 1: Lesson 6 and 7 

[PPT] Family 字本位

1. 你家有谁?
2. 我家爸爸、妈妈、哥哥和我。
3. 你家有几口人?
4. 我家有三口人:爸爸、妈妈我。
5. 你有哥哥吗?
6. 我有哥哥,我有两个哥哥。

[Words] Family 字本位 Worksheet 1

[Words] Family 字本位 Worksheet 2

[Quizlet] Family

[PPT] Family (Key Stage 1)

1. 你有哥哥吗?
2. 我哥哥。
3. 我爸爸。

[Words] Family 我的小小中文书 (Key Stage 1)

Friday, 2 October 2015

Relatives 亲戚

↓ Chinese Made Easy for Kids Book 2: Lesson 2 

[PPT] Relatives 字本位

1. 你叔叔吗?
2. 我有外公和外婆。

[Quizlet] Relatives

[PPT] Relatives

1. 你家亲戚多吗?
2. 我家亲戚很多/不多。
3. 我有……。

Thursday, 1 October 2015

Date 日期

↓ Chinese Made Easy for Kids Book 2: Lesson 3 

[PPT] Date 字本位

1. 今天几月几号?今天九月一号。
2. 今天星期几? 今天星期一。
3. 我二零零二年五月十五号出生
4. 你什么? 我属兔。
5. 那天是星期日。
6. 我的生日是五月十五号。

[PPT] Days of the Week 星期 (Key Stage 1)

1. 今天星期几? 今天星期一。
2. 我星期一游泳。 (who + when + do what)

[Song for Children]
1. 月份歌

Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Jobs 职业

↓ Easy Steps to Chinese Book 3: Lesson 5 

[PPT] Occupations

[PPT] Workplace

1. 爸爸是一名律师。
2. 爸爸律师行工作。(who + at where + do what)
3. 你将来想当什么? 我将来想当一名护士。

[Quizlet] Occupations

[Flash Card] Occupations

Please also see Work Clothes.

↓ Easy Steps to Chinese Book 4: Lesson 2 Text 1

[PPT] Occupations

1. 我叔叔结婚了。
2. 爸爸是一名教授,他在大学工作。

[Worksheet] Occupations 

[Quizlet] Occupations

Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Vegetables 蔬菜

↓ Chinese Made Easy for Kids Book 1: Lesson 12 

[PPT] Vegetable 字本位

1. 你每天吃什么蔬菜?
2. 我每天吃黄瓜和土豆。
3. 你喜欢吃白菜吗?
4. 我喜欢吃白菜。

[Words] Vegetable 字本位 Worksheet 

[Quizlet] Vegetable

[PPT] Vegetable (Advanced ver.)

1. 你喜欢吃蔬菜吗?
2. 我不太喜欢吃蔬菜。

[Words] Vegetable 我的小小中文书 (Key Stage 1)

1. 你喜欢吃蔬菜吗?
2. 我喜欢吃蔬菜。
3. 姐姐不吃南瓜。

Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Classroom Game 课堂游戏

Click ME to download all the 10 games templates below:

Game Title: Telepathy; 心电感应; Teacher, I can read your mind
Materials: Mini-whiteboard, whiteboard pen (Alternative: Pen and paper)
Skills involved: Reading, writing

Teacher versus students. (You may spilt your students into groups.)
10 words on the board - key vocab.
Teacher write one of the key words on his/her board. Every students write 1 down too on their mini-whiteboard.
Students reveal their boards to the teacher, then teacher flip his/her over for students to see. If they have matched with teacher's words, one point given to the student who matched the teacher's word.
You may carry on up to 5 rounds, then calculate the points and see which group win in total.

Game Title: Reveal the Box; 这是什么?(Picture version)
Materials: PowerPoint (Animation effect - disappear)
Skills involved: Speaking

Reveal the box one by one, and get the students guess what's hiding behind the box. Students need to say the answer in Mandarin.