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Greeting, Classroom Rules
Family, Country
Daily Routine
Number, Date, Time
Colours, Clothing and Accessories
Body Parts
Home and Furniture
Occupation and Personality

UPDATE: 18/11/2023

Hello everyone, I have recently revamped my previous teaching materials and shared them on Google Drive. The older resources (except Festival and Olympics) have been removed and are no longer accessible.

Each PowerPoint now includes various activities, such as missing characters, Connect 4, speed reading, listening exercises, and videos. I used online voice-maker platforms to record the audio for the listening exercises. Feel free to customize these materials for your own purposes. It's important to note that these resources are not for sale, so please refrain from using them for commercial purposes. I would greatly appreciate it if you could give credit to my name when reposting or reusing them in your personal workshops.

I eagerly anticipate receiving your comments and feedback. Please remember to include your name when leaving a comment. I wouldn't want to miss hearing from some wonderful individuals, and it helps me trace back your input. Thank you, and I hope these resources continue to assist you in your teaching.

大家好,我最近对我的先前课件进行了全面更新,并已将它们分享在Google Drive上。除了“Festival”和“东京奥运会”以外,老旧的课件已被撤下。




Preview of some slides:


Anonymous said...

Tian, you are really a hero, sharing so many things with others!


Anonymous said...

What an angel, sheautian!


Anonymous said...

Thank you very much for the wonderful resources!

Anonymous said...

Thanks so so much for your and your team's hard work. Your are so generous and amazing.

Anonymous said...

Thank you very much for sharing your excellent teaching resources,you and your colleagues have done a fantastic job. Through the resources I can see you are such a passionate teacher. Keep up the good job!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi, Sheautian

I haven't found the words to describe what my real feelings. But I think 'Thank you' is not good enough to express it.

Wish you all the best in your teaching career.

Kind regards


Susan said...

You are a super star! Many thanks for sharing your wonderful presentations.

Anonymous said...

Hi Sheautian

Thank you so much for your resources. I have used it and it works so well.

But I can't open 'Colours Smartboard (Reveal the Blind)'. I can download it but can't open it. Would you please check it?

Thanks again

Helen said...

Always love your resources. Thank you.

Unknown said...

Dear Sheautian,

Love your resources. They are very useful and inspirational! Thank you for your generosity!

Enjoy your summer holidays,


Anonymous said...

I was introduced to this blog by a fellow Mandarin teacher in New York City, and this blog has since become my inspiration. The PowerPoints, games, and activities are very appealing to my American high school students. Sheautian, you are my idol in the field of Mandarin education!

Laura said...

I used to love using powerpoints from your blog but unfortunately when I click on the links now it says that the link is broken. Not sure if others are having the same problem?

Careen Tan said...

Sheautian, really take u as my idol in the field of Mandarin education. I would like to share some resources of mine with u too.

Anonymous said...

Hi Sheautian, Are are still doing the great work. Missing you. Hope everything is best with you! Best greeting from Frankfurt

Anonymous said...

Thank you Sheautian for sharing these wonderful resource!