Saturday, 3 October 2015

Reward Coupon 奖励彩券

What kind of reward system I use in my lesson? 

I was a teacher that love to gift my students little presents. As I'm a big fans of stationery, I tend to get some cute (kawaiiii) stationery for my students. I give them as a reward, like if they collect a certain amount of stamps or stickers, they could exchange them with the stationery. Or sometimes they could exchange it with some little things that I got from China or back in Malaysia, such as key chain, bookmark...etc.

However, I find out not all students love these, and it could end up with just a waste of money, really.

So one day, two years ago while I was scrolling my wechat moments, and I saw there was a post being shared by my friend. The post was written by 巴别塔. (Please subscribe their wechat page - TheBaBelTower- if you haven't! They have loads of resources up there.) 巴别塔 was sharing a post about "Cooper Coupon". I decided to adapt and apply it in my lesson, because it is just AWESOMEEE! I called it Reward Coupon in my class.

How it works:

  • Teacher will give stamp/sticker to students during lesson, based on their classroom performance, homework, engagement. You could just give them stamp if they answer a question correctly in Mandarin. 
  • Students have their stamps/stickers in their front or back cover of their book.
  • Students could exchange their 10 stamps with a House point or school merit (if there is such thing in your school).
  • It is not necessary for students to exchange their 10 stamps with a house point. They could SAVE it up to 15 or 20 stamps to exchange a reward coupon!


This is originally designed by my colleague, Ying Wen. I edited it after.

The students absolutely love it! Each of my year group have around 10 choices of reward coupons. There are different reward coupons available for different year group. You might ask me why. Okay, let's imagine you show the same coupon "Lunch date with teacher" to the Year 3 and Year 8, hmm..... I can already see my Year 8 showing me the "Noooooooo..." face. (-_____-;;) I did a survey with my students last year, the Year 3 students loved having a lunch date with me. They even chase me up sometimes if I forget to wait them for lunch...

If you interested in knowing the coupons I use my lessons, write me a comment down here. I might introduce them one by one in my next post! ^---^

巴别塔 wechat ID: TheBabelTower


Anonymous said...

I love this idea and want to try this out. Waiting for more coupon designs ;)

quebird said...

Great idea!
Loved it more details pls :)

alex said...

well, it's been a long time since i read your blog posts.

woah, it seems students from year 3 to year 8 like such positive rewards.
that's really interesting.

Unknown said...

Great idea! Could you share with us how do you use these coupons in the class?

Unknown said...

Would love to try out this reward strategy!

Anonymous said...

I think my students will love the "skip the homework" card idea...looking forward to knowing more how you actually use this strategy in your classroom. Thanks a lot.