Tuesday 1 September 2015

Classroom Game 课堂游戏

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Game Title: Telepathy; 心电感应; Teacher, I can read your mind
Materials: Mini-whiteboard, whiteboard pen (Alternative: Pen and paper)
Skills involved: Reading, writing

Teacher versus students. (You may spilt your students into groups.)
10 words on the board - key vocab.
Teacher write one of the key words on his/her board. Every students write 1 down too on their mini-whiteboard.
Students reveal their boards to the teacher, then teacher flip his/her over for students to see. If they have matched with teacher's words, one point given to the student who matched the teacher's word.
You may carry on up to 5 rounds, then calculate the points and see which group win in total.

Game Title: Reveal the Box; 这是什么?(Picture version)
Materials: PowerPoint (Animation effect - disappear)
Skills involved: Speaking

Reveal the box one by one, and get the students guess what's hiding behind the box. Students need to say the answer in Mandarin.