FAQ 常见问题

Q: How can I get update from your blog?
A: Submit your email address in the SUBSCRIBE corner (on the right hand side).

Q: I have downloaded the files, but the font doesn't show right.
A: Please download the fonts below and install it, so that you can view my files correctly.
  1. KaiTi
  2. STKaiti
  3. 方正楷体拼音字库

Q: Where did you find these PPTs? Who made them?
A: The resources I uploaded here are mainly created by myself. I have used some of the resources that I collected from my colleagues and re-made a new one.

Q: How to download your resources?
A: Just click the link and download file.

Q: Is the resources free?
A: Yes, it is! 100% free for you to download and use it in your lessons.

Q: Why the size of your PowerPoint (PPT) is so big?
A: The pictures that I chosen are big and high definitions.

Q: How much time does it take you to create one PowerPoint?
A: Less than an hour.

Q: Can I share your website with my other friends or social networking group?
A: Of course!

p.s. If you have any other questions, please leave a comment below. I will reply you a.s.a.p!


Q. CHEN said...

Your PPT and other resources are amazing, and really helpful!

I have a question- as I found in your slides, whenever you want the children to practise writing of characters, you don't show them stroke orders. Do you know how to generate practise sheets with stroke orders for each single character? 


sheautian said...

Hi Chen

Thanks for your comment.

I write the character on the board and get the student follow with my stroke order.

You can use web site to generate the practise sheets with stroke orders: http://www.yes-chinese.com/tzg/ It's very useful!

Best regards,
Tian x

Unknown said...

Thanks for your sharing. I really like your resources. Do you have any resources about Chinese characters?