Tuesday 1 September 2015

Classroom Game 课堂游戏

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Game Title: Telepathy; 心电感应; Teacher, I can read your mind
Materials: Mini-whiteboard, whiteboard pen (Alternative: Pen and paper)
Skills involved: Reading, writing

Teacher versus students. (You may spilt your students into groups.)
10 words on the board - key vocab.
Teacher write one of the key words on his/her board. Every students write 1 down too on their mini-whiteboard.
Students reveal their boards to the teacher, then teacher flip his/her over for students to see. If they have matched with teacher's words, one point given to the student who matched the teacher's word.
You may carry on up to 5 rounds, then calculate the points and see which group win in total.

Game Title: Reveal the Box; 这是什么?(Picture version)
Materials: PowerPoint (Animation effect - disappear)
Skills involved: Speaking

Reveal the box one by one, and get the students guess what's hiding behind the box. Students need to say the answer in Mandarin.

Saturday 22 August 2015

Sunday 15 February 2015

Chinese New Year 春节

[PPT] Chinese New Year Tradition (2015):

1. 春节的时候,中国人喜欢看烟花。
2. 春节的时候,中国人吃鱼,因为鱼代表年年有余。

PPT Games:
1. A or B
2. What's hidden behind the boxes?!

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