About Sheautian

Malaysian Chinese

2011 - 2012, PGCE Secondary in Teaching Mandarin @ Institute of Education, UCL
2012 - 2013, Mandarin Teacher @ Maidstone, Kent
2013 - 2018, Mandarin Whole School Specialist @ Seoul, South Korea
2018 - Jun 22, Primary Mandarin Teacher @ Singapore
Present - Taking a break. ❤️

About Sheautian.com
I'll be sharing my teaching resources here, which includes PowerPoints, worksheets, display materials...etc. However, do note that some of them are made when I first started my teaching, which was back in 10 years ago. Please bear with the quality. Thank you.

♡ Journaling 手帐
♡ Cooking 做饭
♡ Water Colour Painting 水彩画
♡ Photograph 拍摄

♡ instagram: sheautian_
♡ twitter: sheautian
♡ 微信公众号:恬静筱课堂


Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing the resources. Your creativity and generosity are truly inspiring. Hopefully more and more Chinese teachers can teach like you.

Unknown said...

Hi Sheautian, Thank you so much for sharing your resources with us! They are all so great and it really helps and inspires me a lot in my teaching!!!!

Anonymous said...

You really do me a massive favor when I feel a bit confused about teaching Chinese in a creative way. These free download material are extremely useful. Thank you so much Sheautian!

Lin said...

Thanks for sharing. These resources are wonderful!

Anonymous said...

I was introduced to this blog by a fellow Mandarin teacher in New York City, and this blog has since become my inspiration. The PowerPoints, games, and activities are very appealing to my American high school students. Sheautian, you are my idol in the field of Mandarin education!

Unknown said...

Hi Sheautian, I love your blog and it gives me a lot of inspirations. Thank you!

quebird said...

Thank you Sheautian you are an inspiring Mandarin teacher I've just found your blog and I am looking forward to reading through your posts. It gives me excitement that there are amazing teachers like you I can learn from. Thank you again.

Anonymous said...

Hi Sheautian, I found your website today. You have so many wonderful resources, thank you for sharing all your hard work online. Have a nice day!:)

Anonymous said...

Hi Sheautian, I really love your website and thank you so much for sharing all your great work. You are such a wonderful teacher! ;-)

Unknown said...

Thank you for sharing your Chinese resources with us. You are so wonderful and saved us so much time of lesson planning. Best wishes!!!

Unknown said...

Thanks for sharing. It really HELPS A LOT for a 1st year teacher in middle school!

The Language Network said...

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