Hello, everyone! A warm welcome to my teaching blog. I established this blog a decade ago when I embarked on my journey to teach Mandarin in the UK. At that time, educational resources were scarce and not easily accessible. It led me to ponder, "Why are teachers all over creating similar resources? Shouldn't we collaborate and share our materials, freeing up time to enhance the quality of our teaching, improve classroom management, and build stronger relationships with our students? Why not begin with me?"

Following that, I uploaded numerous PowerPoints and worksheets, and to my astonishment, the views and download numbers surged. Teachers from all around the world left heartfelt thank-you comments, and their words deeply moved me. Fortunately, I received an invitation from the UCL Institute of Education to host a workshop on "Creativity in the Teaching of Mandarin" at their 10th Annual Chinese Conference back in 2012, marking my inaugural experience as a workshop presenter in the realm of education. In the subsequent years, I was honored to receive invitations to conduct teaching-related workshops at schools, university, and HSK center.

Between 2015 and 2017, I periodically updated the existing resources to ensure easy access for users, but I didn't introduce any new materials during that time. My primary focus was directed towards enhancing my personal classroom teaching experiences.

Then, in 2020, when the pandemic hit, like many other educators, I encountered the challenges of transitioning to online teaching. Initially, this shift caused anxiety, but soon, it transformed into excitement. Being someone who appreciates the role of technology in teaching, I eagerly sought out various engaging activities every day to captivate my students and maintain their motivation.

During this period, I compiled all the available Mandarin online resources into a comprehensive Excel file and shared it within a Facebook teaching group and on my blog. To my surprise, the post received over 500 likes and garnered thousands of views and downloads. Simultaneously, I established my own personal Chinese teaching blog on WeChat, with the intention of extending assistance to teachers in China, given that platforms like Facebook and Google are inaccessible there due to restrictions.

Subsequently, my blog posts shifted their focus away from topic-based PowerPoints and worksheets. Instead, they began to center around diverse teaching concepts such as storytelling, rap, movies, classroom activities, classroom management, and the use of authentic materials. I believe that learners should have opportunities to delve deeper into subjects using various approaches. By doing so, I aimed to create a positive teaching and learning environment that encourages exploration and engagement.

Once again, I want to say a big thanks for dropping by my blog! I'm all about sharing cool teaching tips whenever I stumble upon them. My hope is that you'll find something on my blog that sparks your own teaching mojo. To wrap it up, here's a quote: "Teachers who love teaching, teach children to love learning." Have a fantastic day ahead!









Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing the resources. Your creativity and generosity are truly inspiring. Hopefully more and more Chinese teachers can teach like you.

Unknown said...

Hi Sheautian, Thank you so much for sharing your resources with us! They are all so great and it really helps and inspires me a lot in my teaching!!!!

Anonymous said...

You really do me a massive favor when I feel a bit confused about teaching Chinese in a creative way. These free download material are extremely useful. Thank you so much Sheautian!

Lin said...

Thanks for sharing. These resources are wonderful!

Anonymous said...

I was introduced to this blog by a fellow Mandarin teacher in New York City, and this blog has since become my inspiration. The PowerPoints, games, and activities are very appealing to my American high school students. Sheautian, you are my idol in the field of Mandarin education!

Unknown said...

Hi Sheautian, I love your blog and it gives me a lot of inspirations. Thank you!

quebird said...

Thank you Sheautian you are an inspiring Mandarin teacher I've just found your blog and I am looking forward to reading through your posts. It gives me excitement that there are amazing teachers like you I can learn from. Thank you again.

Anonymous said...

Hi Sheautian, I found your website today. You have so many wonderful resources, thank you for sharing all your hard work online. Have a nice day!:)

Anonymous said...

Hi Sheautian, I really love your website and thank you so much for sharing all your great work. You are such a wonderful teacher! ;-)

Unknown said...

Thank you for sharing your Chinese resources with us. You are so wonderful and saved us so much time of lesson planning. Best wishes!!!

Unknown said...

Thanks for sharing. It really HELPS A LOT for a 1st year teacher in middle school!