Sunday 15 February 2015

Chinese New Year 春节

[PPT] Chinese New Year Tradition (2015):

1. 春节的时候,中国人喜欢看烟花。
2. 春节的时候,中国人吃鱼,因为鱼代表年年有余。

PPT Games:
1. A or B
2. What's hidden behind the boxes?!

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[PPT] Chinese New Year Tradition - Young Children Ver. (2015):

1. 我喜欢舞龙。
2. 年不喜欢鞭炮。

PPT Games:
1. Where is the angry bird?

[PPT] Chinese New Year 12 Chinese Zodiac (2015):
12 Chinese Zodiac's stories and their personality

1. 我属马。

[Words] Chinese New Year Booklet (2015):
1. 12 Chinese Zodiac
2. Song
3. Matching up - Greeting wishes
4. Compare the CNY with Christmas
5. ... more

[Display] Chinese New Year Eve's Reunion Dinner
[Display] 12 Chinese Zodiac - Paper Cutting Version

[Words] Chinese New Year Booklet (2014)

[Songs for Children]
1. Gong Xi Gong Xi 恭喜恭喜
2. Xin Nian Hao 新年好

[Youtube Videos]
1. The Story of Nian (Chinese and English dubbed)
2. The 12 Chinese Zodiac (English dubbed)
3. The 12 Chinese Zodiac (Chinese brush painting)
4. Setting off firecrackers
5. The lion dance performance (Highlight: 02:10, 06:30, 13:32)
6. The dragon dance performance

Note: The videos and songs, as well as lyric, link have attached in the PPTs.

Some CNY classroom activities ideas: 艺术字 & 十二生肖

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